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We have embarked on a new mission to provide a permanent solution to the never-ending cycle of hurricanes destroying homes which are then rebuilt.We seek to build pre-engineered steel-framed homes that can withstand Category 5 hurricanes for displaced families in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Barbuda and Dominica. We intend to donate such homes to needy, displaced families working with local nonprofits. Much like Habitat for Humanity, these families will be required to participate in the building process. Communities in these islands that endured unimaginable havoc, could have easily survived their homes had their homes been built with the steel-framed structures we intend to build. These homes will feature green energy and solar power.

Are we capable

We have the capability to build homes that withstand hurricanes because a Board Member built such a home with his French partner in Ft Lauderdale while his other partner in Antigua has built several such homes as well. However, we have chosen to work with a neutral company who built a similar home in St Lucia and can deliver a complete home within two months from foundation to our chosen families. We have established relationships with charity organizations such as the Rotary Club and the Family Resource Center in our chosen islands to help us on the grounds in our chosen Islands.

What we lack is the ability to raise the funds needed to accomplish our mission. As an organization, we are volunteers who have been using our own resources to help provide back-to-school supplies, after care and talent show programs for At-risk teens. One of our talent show participant was featured on the popular television show “The Voice” in 2016. We have also helped orphanage in Ghana, Africa, to obtain reliable clean water, built proper working toilet and upgraded living quarters. We recognize that our new mission cannot be done with our personal resources.We need assistance.

Assistance Needed

Recognizing that other organizationsare meeting the temporary accommodations of the displaced(we’ve done our share of it in the US Virgin Islands), we have chosen the long-term approach to end the miseries of home displacement. We are seeking like-minded individuals and organizations with knowledge and capability to help with our efforts to end the constant destruction and rebuilding of homes. Join our efforts to: reach corporate America, FEMA, fundraising websites, nonprofit organizations, philanthropist, United Nations, airlines, domestic Caribbean companies, Cruise Lines, etc. We are particularly interested in raising seed money and finding entities interested in having us build homes to be donated in their name.

Making the difference.

You Make the Difference!