PFABC Ghana Orphanage Project area of focus

  • Health and Hygiene
  • Build/repair/improve key areas of the Orphanage
  • Sustainability

Health and Hygiene

  • Providing clean running water by building and repairing wells
  • Ground breaking of Well at Trinity Home Foundation
  • Installing water filtration and chlorination system
  • Installing hand washing station through our ‘Clean Hands program which teaches proper hand washing techniques
  • New plumbing and commodes for toilets providing for better sanitation Toilet (outhouse) Osuduko Orphanage

Repair/ improve

  • Upgrading living quarters to allow for better accommodation and functionality 
  • Upgrade kitchen/cafeteria to include necessary appliances (instead of wood burning fire place for cooking) and adding designated eating area 
  • Build and furnish classrooms where class is held outdoors Out-door classroom Area where meals are prepared at Good Shepherd Orphanage  
  • Educating the Orphanage on how to maintain their water system and linking them to resources 
  • Empowering them to utilize the resources around them to help in sustaining themselves; things that can be easily implemented such as selling the water from the Well to the Villagers and planting their own vegetable garden from which they can feed themselves and also sell to the Villagers.
  • Trinity Home Academy, TuTu, Ghana 
  • Good Shepherd Orphanage Home, Central Region, Ghana
    Osudoku Orphanage, Osudoku, Ghana
Our Ghana Orphanage Project Partners:
  • Mr. Ajamu Webster – Engineer from the Diaspora (instrumental in the building, repairing and financing of the Wells)
  • Mr. Charles Abakah, local project liaison
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